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i make things....

Hello, i am a super creative artist, designer and writer. I am Based in Australia and am involved in a multitude of creative endeavours including Tattooist of 15 years, social media and content design and creation. Award winning film editor, sponsored race driver, published writer, and was a signed musician and sound designer for film and tv. I enjoy creating, so take a look at what i have to offer and don't hesitate to send me a message if you have any questions.,



I am a racer, in real life and in the Sim world, and over time have found myself working on livery car designs, and have created more than i can remember. I am offering to create a iracing Livery for car of your choice. From simple to complex. You supply your sponsor logos and your concept and then sit back as i do the rest. Need it fast, have a ig race coming up? Then hit me up and let's see if we can get you looking race fit ne ready to win at the next event.


coming soon

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