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Would you like to book in for a tattoo?
I do all my bookings online or in person at the studio.
Ive tried to keep it as simple as i can.
Name - put your name you wish to be known by.
Email - your email so i can reply.
Subject - book in a tattoo, or consult, or other art enquiry.
Location on your body - please put where you are thinking, it helps me work out how your ideas will sit on body.
Size - again this helps me quote, and work out time required, do your best, if unsure, write unsure.
Time - How much time you want to book, if you know, other wise leave blank.
Availability - let me know days and times that best suit you.
Brief description -  exactly that, what are you after, style wise, subject matter etc.

Your details were sent successfully!

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