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In a world of conformity and controlled rebellion it becomes mundane to be just another of the freaks, the replicants.


Hell, i know, none of us can escape it, we all belong to something, even if that thing is nothing. 

13 years in the Tattoo Industry, always being an outsider to the outsiders, watching the dynamics of the artists, how they interact with one another, how many interact with the clients, the fans the collectors. 

It just felt like time to create a place for those of us, who are into it all, but not. Who understand no matter how hard you try, or dont try, We will always be connected.

The "Anti Tattoo Tattoo Club"

Im not sure where this will go, 

i hope you koin up, and see with

me, if we cant find like minded

people and share "cool shit" with

each other.



aka The Grim Ruiner 

aka Ruiner Ran

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