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"Cocaine King" (currently for sale) 750 X 1000 (pick up, or arrange courier)

Ive been tattooing for 13 years, and i certainly don't claim to be the best, the most skilled or the coolest, or handsomest. I have been the person pushing modern/ abstract Tattooing from the day i started. For most of that time, the only one. Thanks to the push from Paul Usic who taught me the basics under extreme circumstances when i started my apprenticeship.

Like many artists, i do express through what i create and do. In this case, my anger and hurt, and sadness. I was very disappointed to be looked over late last year, for a big tattoo dinner, i was not invited, i guess, my anti establishment stance, actually worked too well. I noticed tattooists invited who had just started, people invited just because they looked cool etc. For a dinner said to be giving back and celebrating Australian Tattooing, i guess i thought id earned my place.

At the time, i was upset, and painted this, in honour of the figurehead of this dinner, i dont know him personally, only what i see. I actually am now fine with it all, and often after either a rant, a tattoo, a painting, a song or whatever other artist way i express myself, im ok with it. I let it go, move on. Life's short to hold grudges, or be hurt by other peoples actions. This year i was to do all the conventions connected to this dinner, and cancelled them all. I needed a break from the "Tattoo industry" and it was the right decision for me.

So this piece was me saying here you are, this is who you seem to be and fuck you. As i did the painting i realised i created the situation, the separation, and maybe it was me saying Fuck me, for being the weird anti social fuck i am, here Ran, this is what you get for not being part of the group, what do you expect? You hate on mainstream styles, and keep to yourself, of course you wont be invited.

I like to think we humans can change and grow, learn from past mistakes. My biggest lesson, has been to not worry about what others are doing or saying, to focus on what im doing and saying, am i being honest, truthful, am i being the true me. In the end, you only control your own actions. It can be easy to be jealous or envious of others success or achievements when you are yourself working your ass off.

I used gold paint from bunnings, as the Cocaine King came from humble beginnings to build his business, and despite what we think of a self professed king, you have to respect someone for following a path to achieve the goals they have set.

So, if you feel angry, sad, happy, judged, misunderstood, that through a medium, it helps, and allows you to leave it behind. If more of us took a photo, drew a picture or wrote a song, rather than say get on the booze and punch on, or yell at a checkout chick, the world would actually be a slightly better place.

Cocaine King

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