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Private in Sunbury, Victoria

All my rates 2024

I work fairly fast. Rates are based on how I work. I recommend half day bookings. That price has not changed. Hardly anyone sits longer than 6 hours so 6 hours is max time, we can discuss if you really do want to sit longer


You will get good coverage in that time. If unsure message me and let me know your idea and I can advise on time needed. I can quote on the piece also so please don’t hesitate to enquire. 


Melbourne menu


Half day 600 (1-4 hours)

5 hours 700

6 hours 800


200dep 72 hours cancellation 



Convention rates/ travel rates


Half day 800 (1-4 hours)

5 hours 950

6 hours 1100


50% dep non refundable

50% cash after tattoo session

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